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Friday, September 22, 2017
By Alexandra Marie
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One of the aspects I love most about the expanding beauty industry is the wide variety of extensive options women now have to enhance their natural beauty. A beauty service that is quickly rising in popularity is lash extensions. I’ve heard a lot about them and have seen many women wear the extensions.  I always think they look so flattering. I thought about getting lash extensions myself for some time, and when I met Diane Neglia, owner of Boudoir Beauty Bar, it was the perfect match! The beauty bar specializes in lash extensions, lash lifts, microblading, waxing, and custom airbrush tanning. I decided to get my lash extensions done by Boudouir Beauty Bar, and I am taking you along on my first lash extension experience!


When I first walked into the Boudoir Beauty Bar, I instantly noticed its modern/chic décor. Diane has decorated the salon so perfectly! The grays, pinks, and whites flow through every room. Chandeliers hang from the ceiling, and it is a clean, bright, and welcoming environment. It’s a studio dream! Diane was so warm and friendly, and she made me feel so comfortable. I immediately knew I was in good hands.



Before the procedure began, Victoria, the lash technician, helped me decide which size and shape lashes would best fit my eye. Then we got started! The first step was to place eye lash pads under each eye (over the bottom lashes). This is to separate the bottom lashes from the top lashes. Once the eye pads were in place, Victoria began applying the extensions. She glued an individual synthetic eyelash to each one of my individual existing (natural) eyelashes. It was important for me to keep my eyes closed during the entire procedure to protect my eyes.



The entire procedure lasts about three hours for an initial full set (meaning this is the first time you are getting the lash extensions). I was nervous about having to keep my eyes closed that long, but it was actually very relaxing. There is no pain involved, and I almost fell asleep many times! After Victoria was finished adding the extensions, she let me sit up and check the lashes in a mirror to make sure I was happy with them. Once I gave her the OK, she then sealed the lashes in place. She removed the eye lash pads, and we were finished! I could not even tell I had the extensions on. I have worn fake eyelashes before, and they always feel heavy and sometimes bother my eyes. These lash extensions do not bother my eyes one bit. Like I said, I can’t even tell they are there! And they look amazing! Victoria was able to add just the right amount of lashes at just the right length to give my lashes a beautiful boost but not make them look too crazy! They are perfect and look so natural!


I was unable to get the lashes wet for 24 hours, but that was not a problem!

Approximately every three weeks (2-4 weeks to be exact), the lashes do need to be refilled. They may become loose, and some may fall off when your natural eyelash falls out (our natural eyelashes fall out on their own so this is totally normal).  So, the refill allows the technician to replace any loose lashes and add a new lash to any that have fallen out. The refills do not take as long as the initial full set.


There is some aftercare at home that you do have to follow. The lashes should be cleaned daily with a special cleanser and brush, and a sealant should also be applied on the lash line and brushed through the lashes a few times a week. I was able to purchase an aftercare kit right at the salon which included the products necessary to care for my lashes at home (below is a picture including some of the contents of the aftercare kit). Aftercare is so important in maintaining lash extensions. The better care you take of your lashes at home, the longer the lashes will last between refills. Diane also has a mascara available for purchase at her salon that is designed specifically for lash extensions. 



Victoria went over all the aftercare with me and sent me home with written instructions as well (which is perfect for moms like me that seem to forget everything!). She and Diane also went over any questions that I had before I left.


Overall, I had an awesome experience at Boudoir Beauty Bar. Everyone was very professional, and I love my lashes! They are the perfect pop for my eyes. The initial first set is typically $260, but for a limited time, if you mention my name when you book your appointment, Diane will give you the initial set for $149.99 (website and phone number provided in picture below). Guys, that’s such an amazing deal. So, if you’ve been thinking about lash extensions but haven’t followed through yet, now is the time! They will look amazing, and you will feel great! Go ahead and pamper yourself! YOU deserve it!


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Lisa - Hey great read on extensions! I started using lash boost that grows your real lashes have you've heard about it?! Would love to know your thoughts!