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Friday, December 01, 2017
By Alexandra Marie
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One of the best parts of buying our home was decorating it! It's been so fun to add our own touches and make our house into a home.  Phil and I purchased our home about three and a half years ago. It's a three story town house, and it's perfect for us! We have spent the last three years doing DIY projects to give our home more character and reflect our style. Below are some pictures of projects we've done and decorations we've added that I love.


This is the first thing you see when walking into our foyer. This was an old stand my mom found on Craigslist and spray painted black. We put new knobs on it, and it looks good as new! I love adding the letter "M" for our last name throughout our house, so you may see a few more M's around! This black mirror is one of my favorites. I bought it at TJ Maxx (this will also be a recurring theme!).


Directly across from the black stand is a single french door leading to our finished basement. To add some character to this door, I replaced the existing knob with this cute detailed metal knob I purchased at Home Goods.



As I said earlier, I love adding M's around. So when I saw this M at Home Goods, I couldn't resist. When we bought our home, every single wall was painted yellow. Lots of yellow just isn't our thing, so we repainted every room except the laundry room! The entire first floor of the house is painted the color Pavilion Beige by Sherwin Williams. It's the perfect neutral color. The best way I can describe it is a mix between tan and gray. 


This may be my absolute favorite part of our home! My mom free handed the lyrics to our wedding song on a wall in our dining room. She first wrote the lyrics very lightly in pencil and then traced over the pencil using a white Sharpie paint marker.  We bought the paint marker at Michael's. The song is called When I Say I Do by Matthew West.


This is our dining room. My parents helped us add a chair rail and square molding to give the room a little something extra. I bought this table from Sam's Club! I love adding some overstuffed chairs to the end of a dining room table. 


Another fun mirror I added to our dining room.


This is our spare bathroom on the main floor right off the dining room. I love this funky mirror. We painted this bathroom a fun tiffany blue. Our house is very neutral, so this bathroom is a nice pop of color! The color is Lament Blue by Valspar.


This is our living room. When we bought the house, the fire place was already there. But, I wanted to frame our TV above the fireplace. So, my dad and Phil built the frame behind and around the TV using molding and white paint (I spy another M!). And because my husband hates cords, all of the cords for the TV were run behind the frame and then down to the floor in that skinny piece of conduit you see to the right of the fireplace. Also, a good way to jazz up a recliner or chaise lounge is to toss a fur throw or rug over the back. As you can see, I did it to my leather recliner and white chaise lounge for some extra texture.


This is a better picture of the frame around the TV. My dad and Phil added a mantle to the top of the frame for a finishing touch!


I loved this clock when I saw it. I bought it, and when I got it home, I realized it didn't work. But because I liked it so much, I decided to keep it! We hung it in our living room and set the time permanently to 3PM. Why you ask? That's the time we got married! Also, I LOVE pillows. My husband hates decorative pillows that are not at all comfortable, but they are my weakness. I have to use self control not to buy pillows every time I shop. They just make a couch look so cozy!


Another one of my favorite corners! I love this sign so much. As fun as it is to decorate our home, what makes me love my home so much is who is in it. Also, how cute is that little picture of my dad and me walking down the aisle on my wedding day? 


This buffet sits right off our kitchen next to our kitchen table. I bought it at Home Goods (shocking), and it was the perfect addition to our breakfast nook. My dad and Phil stoned this wall with Air Stone in the color Autumn Mountain (we purchased it at Lowe's). Air Stone is a stone veneer that looks like stone but is 75% lighter than real stone. We used real stone to stone a wall in the condo we lived in before this house, and it was SO much more work for my dad and Phil. They had to mix mortar (which is such a messy job in itself) and then use the mortar to apply the stone to the wall. Once each stone was dried to the wall, they had to go back and grout between every stone using more mortar. The Air Stone was much lighter and came with an adhesive used to apply the stone. And because I wanted a dry-stack look (meaning the stones are very close instead of spaced out), no grouting was necessary! You're welcome dad and Phil :). I also love the "Humble and Kind" sign that hangs above the buffet. We see this sign all throughout the day, and it serves as a reminder of what we strive to be. 


Here is a better angle of the buffet. In this picture you can see the design on the front doors which is why I loved this buffet so much. This is a more accurate picture of the color of the Air Stone. There was more natural light in this picture!


I love this letter board I found at Michael's. I enjoy adding new inspirational quotes every now and then for my family to read! The above quote is from the movie The Help.


This is our kitchen table. I bought this table on I love the worn and weathered look of it. It comes in handy when your toddler stabs her fork into the table at dinner. The fork marks blend right in! The flowers and place mats are from Home Goods. 


These three quotes are going up our staircase to our upstairs. I love their simple and clean look as well as their message.


At the top of our stairs is this framed picture of my grandmother (my Dad's mother) looking at my grandfather. They were dating at the time and he was away at war. My Dad had this blown up and framed for me as a gift at my bridal shower. Both of his parents passed away before my wedding, so this was a very special gift.


Our bedroom! This room is very simple and cozy. I wanted the walls a dark gray, so we went with Bell Tower Stone by Valspar. As I mentioned before, I love pillows! The more the better. Our bedspread is a duvet that we got as a gift at my bridal shower. We tossed a simple white duvet cover over it. This room feels very clean and fresh. 



Phil and my dad built this frame to go around the TV in our bedroom. They made the frame out of molding to fit our TV and then painted it white. They are so handy!


I hope you enjoyed this mini tour of our home! We love our little house and all the memories we have already made in it!

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Alexandra Mann - Thank you! :)
Kristin Swider - I love the color schemes in your home! I also love Home Goods
Alexandra Mann - It's my favorite too!!!
Alexandra Mann - Thank you Dottie!
Alexandra Mann - Renee, thank you so much for the kind comments :)
Gina Crandall - Alex, you're home is so lovely! My absolute favorite is the wall that has your wedding song written out in script! Perfection! I am inspired!!! ❤️
Dottie Martin - The home is so beautiful it reminds me of you. I am so happy for you and your family.God comes first and. It is obvious that that is the way Lou will always be content. I lobe your friendship. DOTTIE
Renee - Alex, Thank you so much for this wonderful welcome into your home. I'm waiting to see you on your own DIY show. Thank you again. Glad you have found so,much love and happiness in your life. Can't wait to see some holiday decorating pictures.